Lombok, what to do

Lombok, what to do



To the east of Bali across the Lombok Strait is the island of Lombok.

While every year millions of tourists are attracted to Bali, many places on Lombok are still untouched. Over here mass tourism is still unknown. Lombok is greener as Bali and it is said that in Lombok you can see Bali but in Bali you cannot see Lombok.

Lombok is a complete destination and always something to suit every traveller taste! This beautiful island offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, friendly and interesting people, tasty food, green hills and slopes, the second highest volcano of the country, unique culture and traditions of the sasak and unspoilt nature.

If you are looking for this idea of tropical paradise, Lombok is the place! Luckily is still natural and untouched.

OLA OLA is located in Lombok and our philosophy is to share experiences, explore the world and learn about other cultures while protecting the local community in Lombok and promoting the respect and conservation of our natural surroundings.




Learn to surf in Selong Belanak beach, the perfect beach with easy waves. We offer surf lessons, if you re interested just contact with us!

For more advanced surfers: waves are excellent and there are many good surf points such as Mawi, Are guling, Serangan, Seger, Gerepuk and so on.

And for expert surfers, Lombok is home of one of the best surf spots in the world: Dessert Point.

It is widely regarded as one of the best and heaviest left-hand barrels in the world. Located at the tip of the southwest peninsular, Bangko Bangko has a real ‘end of the world’ atmosphere.


Yoga has been practiced for many hundreds of years, dating back to ancient times in India. Today, Yoga has become a lifestyle and health trend, now followed all over the world. The word Yoga is taken from Sanskrit, meaning “integration, or union”.

Although it seems that the Yoga movement is mainly focused on stretching the muscles, it actually contains a deeper philosophy.

Lombok offer many place to practice YOGA.



Pink beach

It is called after its pink sand that consists out of coral. Snorkel at Gili Belek, Gili Kere, Gili Merengke and Light House

Secret Islands: Sekotong

There are a dozen dreamy, idyllic small islands just offshore teaming with spectacular reefs and abundant soft white sand.  Little more than tiny specks in the ocean, all exude a peaceful, back to basics ambience and even the more established Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and Gili Asahan are delightfully low key. Other islands include Gili Sudat, Gili Tangkong, Gili Genting and Gili Lontar, all of which offer unforgettable snorkelling and scuba diving close by.

What you may expect to encounter during your dives are manta rays, moray eels, sharks, unspoiled corals, shipwrecks, just to name a few. Well, the list is endless!

Explore the underwater world of Lombok and discover for yourself the immense beauty that is responsible for the islands’ amazing diving reputation.

Exist the option to camping on those islands. We guarantee a unique and magic experience

Gili islands

3 paradise islands – which seem tiny compared to Lombok – are located only 20 minutes away by boat: Gili Trawangan, the main island, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

These islands are car-free island. No motor bikes either. Just bicycles and horse drawn carriages Here you will swim in crystal clear water with sea turtles, you can bike around any of the three Gili islands in less than an hour, but if you bring swimwear and snorkeling equipment and take time splash in the water a tour along the coast road can turn into a day trip. Also you can dive and arrange snorkel trips around the three island and they will bring you to the best snorkel spots.


From Senggigi to Pemenang: Beautiful coast road to explore by scooter. One of the highlights is the viewpoint at Malimbu Hill 1 and 2. It offers a marvelous view over Malimbu and Nipah Beach and the 3 Gili Islands. Other view points and beaches that you can find on this way.

Pusuk Monkey Forest: Taking a winding road through a breathtaking mountain landscape is the second option to get to Bangsal. It’s where you find the so-called monkey forest, with numerous wild and naughty monkeys at the same time you enjoy beautiful


White sands and pristine blue waters are untouched and still natural in Lombok.

Selong Belanak beach

Perfect for learn surfing, enjoy bbq fish with good music and people, make a bonfire under the starry sky, walking along the beach, chill out with a fresh coconut, enjoy beautiful sunsets… And we strongly recommend taking a look at the near viewpoint overlooking the beach and the bay.

OLA OLA is located on this beautiful beacj. If you are around Lombok, join us!

Tanjung Ann

Turquoise sea and white sand, you will love it! Even here you can climb a rock to enjoy a breathtaking view over the two bays and beaches of Aan. A must-see sunrise! You can do paddle surf and if the waves are good, also there is a good surf spot. Obviously, you can swim and relax.

You have many other wild and untouched beaches such as Tampa beach, Mawun beach, are Guiling beach and Serangan beach.  Kuta beach and Seger beach also is worthy a visit.

*** A part from the beaches below, we know many other spots still secret. Let us bring you around our area and we will share with you some special and wild beaches that are better to go with a local.

On the way, you will enjoy wild and untouched nature. Beautiful ride with scooter or car.

Semeti Beach

You will feel like you are on another world. Semeti Beach has rocks that are shaped like pyramids and stand firmly in the middle of the ocean

The path is extremely rocky and rough, so be sure to wear covered shoes that are slip-proof, as you might need to climb rocks as high as 20m to get to the other side of the rocks.

Tebing beach

There are parts of the Earth, which do not seem to really belong; Pantai Tebing is one of them.

It is an extraordinary borough unmatched to its surrounding. This reminds us of the Grand Canyon and is definitely on the visit list!

This unique rock formation was due to the eruption of Samalas/Gunung Rinjani Tua in 1257. Hot clouds of sediment contains fragments of coral . It’s a really beautiful place.


This hundred-years-old cave is located in a local village that remains unexplored by tourists. Treasures and loot are long gone, but do have your fisheye or wide-angle lens to capture valuable photos! This cave is also home to thousands of bats, and best time to visit is before sunset. You can witness the spectacular occurrence of thousands of bats leaving their nest and flying out of the cave at dusk.


Mount Rinjani is the 2nd tallest mountain in Indonesia and is considered as a sacred site for many locals. Its stunning crater lake offers picturesque sunrises, and the numerous waterfalls decorating its trek make Mount Rinjani’s beauty so popular for travellers.

For nature lovers and adventure seekers, the Mount Rinjani trek should be on your checklist.

Note that there are many locals that offer trek to the Mount Rinjani, but we’ve made sure to select the most professional guides for you, who are also concerned about preserving the environment.

We recommend you to do the Trek in 3 Days / 2 Nights to make it less exhausting, and see everything. Get physically prepared! If you are interested contact us because we organize this trekking!



Here, you can catch a glimpse of a far stretching view with the almighty Mount Rinjani. Pergasingan hill is also the alternative to hiking Mount Rinjani, with an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level and Sembalun village located at an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level. So you must conquer an altitude of about 600 metres.

It is recommended that you camp overnight, so you can catch the magnificent sunrise behind Rinjani. If you are interested contact us because we organize this trekking!


Waterfalls have been cloaked in mystery and myth for as long as people have known about them. Lombok is plenty of beautiful waterfalls but not all of thems are easy to arrive. We will guide you will through the jungle to find amazing landscapes, wildlife and incredible waterfalls.

A nature art sculpture – Mangku Sakti waterfall

A natural art sculpture out of Antoni Gaudí collection – the gorge formation is impressive.

The natural erosion has carved a marble-like canyon that the water meanders gently through.

The river runs down from Lake Segara Anak (Mt Rinjani), and the water is milky because of the sulfur content and is believed to able to treat different kinds of skin diseases.

Benang Kelambu waterfall- Stunning water curtain

Madeup of 6 ‘falls’ through the trees, similar to water curtains

Air Terjun Tiu Kelep_ Jungle trekking

Mother Nature does have her way of keeping her most beautiful attributes tucked away in remote areas.
According to local myth, having a circulating bath in the waterfall will lead to eternal youth. The soft and flat pool bottom makes it suitable for visitors to swim in. This waterfall is located in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park, with the source water coming from Lake Segara Anak at the peak of Mount Rinjani.


The Sasak are the indigenous people of this island, which today make about 85% of the total population of Lombok. Their culture is fascinating and as a visitor you definitely need to experience it.

Their food known for its spiciness, their handicraft, their music and dances, the typical Sasak houses or a Sasak wedding with (extreme loud) street parade with “Gendang Beleq” musicians you need to experience. There are plenty wedding parades on Lombok, especially on the weekends.

We will organize a tour to get you know the local culture and their traditions, and you will really experience and feel the soul of Lombok in a unique way. If you want to live the culture, you can join a traditional wedding and wear their special clothes.


An early morning tour takes you to the village market where you’ll learn some useful tips on selecting the best spices and ingredients. Back to home, you’ll enjoy a breakfast of traditional cakes before the cooking class begins. Besides learning about the process and ingredients, you will also pick up new techniques using the various utensils. By lunchtime, you’ll enjoy your creation of nine main Lombok dishes and one traditional dessert, accompanied by Lombok Coffe and typical rice wine.


Sasak people is the largest ethnic group on Lombok. Although local society also includes Balinese, Chinese, Arabs and Indonesians from other islands. The Sasak people are predominantly Muslim. While the Balinese are Hindu, Catholics, Buddhists and other religions exist harmoniously together on the island.


Visit historical Hindu’s temple in west Lombok and the oldest mosque: Mayura.

Visit Narmada, a historical place that is used to be a palace of Anak Agung Gede Ngurah, one of Balinese king. Here you see a miniature of Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake with a holy temple on the top.

Visit Lingsar the unique and sacred temple of to belief and Suranadi, the beautiful complex of temples founded in the early 16th century by Javanese priest, Dang Hyang Nirartha.