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We offer cozy and new rooms in Selong Belanak, only few meters from the beach. We are ideally located for nature and surf lovers: surrounded by tropical nature and next to many surf spots like Mawi, Serangan and Areguiling. Far away from hostel or hotel concept, we feel more like a house for travellers.
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About Us

Time flies and sometimes we know we keep some stuff we wish to do, but we’re just so busy we don’t even think we have the time to figure it out–so we keep going like always. And then appears What if syndrome…

But at the end, it’s not about having time. It’s about making time

Ola Ola is founded by Mery and Neus, two sisters from Barcelona, Spain, and Lalu, an Indonesian guy from South Lombok.
Life gives us the gift to create a special place where people from all over the world can share experiences, learn about other cultures and explore beautiful places together. We love living life, making people feel happy and making enjoy unforgettable memories.
Everyone is unique and different. For this reason, we always have something to suit every traveler taste.
Ola Ola Lombok is the product of this shared dream
Thanks to our cultural mix we can provides unique experiences for travelers through more meaninful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local culture, social and environmental issues