SASAK people are the largest ethnic group in Lombok. Although local ethnicities also includes Balinese, Chinese, Arabic and Indonesians from other islands. The Sasak people are predominantly Muslim. While the Balinese are Hindu, Catholics, Buddhists and other religions exist harmoniously on the island.

For us, the essence of travelling is to meet local people and the places where they live and their customs. The culture of Lombok is fascinating and you definitely need to experience it: local food, handicraft, traditional music and dances, local traditions…


This tour is perfect to connect with local people and feel the soul of Lombok in a unique way. You will learn about the ancient weaving practice of ikat and sarungs and also sasak style pottery. You will learn about their traditions like SASAK wedding, Gendang Beleq music and much more.

**This activity is to support local community whom is happy to welcome you and share with you their love for Lombok. Local families will spend the day with you to show you their lifestyle and traditions.

Sorry, now this activity is not available