To help you make the most of your holiday in Lombok, we wrote this article about the best places to visit during your stay in Lombok.

OLA OLA LOMBOK is located in Selong Belanak beach and this will be our campbase of all the trips around this beautiful island.

Selong Belanak beach is one of the most amazing beaches of Lombok. If you are this kind of traveler who want to get away from the crowds and go somewhere a little less commercialized then this beach is a great place to start.

What can you explore during your stay?

FIRST OF ALL, AND IS A MUST! Spend time on Selong Belanak beach. It is perfect to chill, drink a coconut, learn to surf and go for a walk. Also you can see buffalos crossing the beach and you can enjoy one of the most stunning sunset in Lombok.

After that, if you want to get lost and explore our surroundings we recommend you to hire a motorbike or a driver and do two days south lombok trips:

Motorbike rental cost in Selong Belanak: 75 000 idr

Driver and car per day and you can stop wherever you want: 900 000 idr

**Parking fee 10.000idr per motorbike



Its located 10min by car or motorbike from Ola Ola Lombok. You should take the big road to the west and on the right hand you will see Mawi signal. The road to get until the beach is not really good so better you go slowly and go with time.

Its known as a Surfers Paradise in Lombok for many advanced and intermmediate surfers.

The wave quality is regional classic with the wave type of reef-coral. There are reefs, corals, sharp rocks, sands at the bottom of the sea. The wave power is hollow and fast with short normal length (50m) and good day length between 50 to 150m.

Beside its popularity as a surfing beach, Mawi Beach has stunning scenery as well. The bay has white sand beach surrounded by hilly landscpae. The best time to visit Mawi Beach is between May-Oct, during dry season.

Its one of our favourite spot to enjoy sunset after Selong Belanak beach. Absolutely, is a must visit during your stay in Lombok.



The next bay after Mawi is called Tampah Bay. The first beach you will find closest is Lancing beach and the second one, is Tampah beach.. The area is very peaceful and virgin. We would recommend you to visit that ones before visit Mawun beach.

There are no people, no buildings, no bars, no rent of sun loungers. The waves are not strong, which is good for swimmers. The sand is more like a broken pebble, so it is hard to walk barefoot.

To get there just follow the big road to the west, direction to Kuta. There is indications, its easy to find.


After Tampah Bay you will find Mawun bay. The beach is located between two hills in the west side and east side. Just you arrive and you will find a big tree where many people stay to enjoy the shadow. In the center of the bay the sand is white and soft while in the west side, the sand is rougher and mixed with rocks.

In the middle is where all the locals and tourists stayed so you can problably find more warungs, people but also more plastic rubish which is carried by the waves. So we recommend you to have a walk and go to the west or to the east side.


From Mawun beach you just need to follow the big road until you arrive Kuta. During the ride you wil enjoy amazing and stunning views, you will cross Areguiling bay and after going down the hill of Ashtari Loung you will appreciate Kuta Bay views.

Kuta is the perfect place to find restaurants, souvenirs and party. Kuta its ony that, in terms of beach its beach before was still wild but nowadays it looks like a beachwalk. If you dint have time, better you skip Kuta beach. But in the case you are looking for sarungs and other kind of souvenirs then its worthy to spend tie there.

Once you arrive on the beach you can have a look to Monkey beach. It is on the west side of Kuta beach. You can reach there just walking from Kuta beach, only takes 8 minutes more or less.

What will you find there? Monkeys! From around mid afternoon, monkeys gather at this base of this large and steep hill next to the ocean. If you walk around the “mountain” you’ll also find some nice quiet swimming spots. Better have a swim here than in Kiuta Beach, its less crowded and more natural.

Also, make sure to allocate your time to go to Seger beach, Its only about 2km from East of Kuta beach, You can find many local surfers catching challenging waves or hike the hill on the right side and enjoy stunning views of Kuta Bay. From there you can enjoy beautiful Sunset.



Bukit Merese offers the mot stunning and jaw-dropping scenery. Is located on the beach of Tanjungaan which is beautiful with blue water and white sand. You can chill there, go for a walk but also surf.

After chilling you can start you hiking to the hill and also buy AR 10 magazines for further information on the same. If you just want to reach the first viewpoint it is only about a 5-10 min walk up the hill. If you decide to head all the way to the furthest headland it may take you a bit more than 20 minutes.

The western part of the hill, you can get a view of Seger Beach. On the eastern side, you get views of Batu Payung and Gili Anak Anjakan. Actually, walking to any spot brings you to amazing landscapes. Aside from the almost enclosed cove of Tanjung Aan beach, you can spot various beaches and coves. 

The best time to visit Bukit Merese is in the morning or in the afternoon (before sunset). The sun can get pretty harsh around noontime. 

The island is easy to get to and there are a lot of Lombok places you can visit. I hope that this article has given you plenty of ideas of interesting things to do in Lombok.
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